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Legs in Jeans

The "Chegg" for international students looking for jobs in the U.S.

Find your dream job in the US. Get sponsored. Easy. Even before you graduate!

This is how we do it...

Everything you need to find a job in the U.S. with the help of the Konkeros team of experts.



5 qualified business leads / month

5 qualified contact leads / month

Konkeros online step-by-step guide

Live support


Personalized strategy to optimize your professional profile for immigration purposes

Help connecting with student-friendly immigration attorneys

Coaching how to discuss your case with an immigration attorney

Konkeros-sponsored discounts with select immigration attorneys

Coaching to overcome the most common objections about sponsorship

Mock interview with a live professional coach

"Immigration Stuff"Package

Take charge of your immigration process. Get the help you need to get yours started


Assessment of your personal skills vs. what companies seek

Assessment of your preferred career and industry (growth projections, income, and more

Identify and prioritize the job search activities that will give YOU the best results

Development of a timeline with all the steps you need to take

Your job search plan


Get a personalized job search strategy to optimize your efforts as an international student.


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