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Konkeros 2019: An International Student's Guide to Finding Employment in the US

Offer ends August 30

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If you are an international student, this could be the most important book you ever read. The skills and knowledge you will gain could make the difference between finding a job in the US or having to return to your native country.

Understand the immigration paths available to you as an international student


Learn how to address questions about your immigration status


Learn how to find a job in the US as an international student

Learn the process to get an internship and identify the right company


Learn to trouble-shoot typical career and employment related issues, like what to do if you are running out of OPT time.

Learn American business etiquette


Analyze facts & figures about work visas


Guillermo Casique

This tool is a must have for any international student intending to work in the United States. I had strong misconceptions about the kinds of companies that hire foreigners, but thanks to Konkeros, now I have a clearer perspective where to focus my time and energy… and of course, the companies I should avoid.


Antoni Akkerman

Every time I found a job that matched my career goals, I learned I had to be a citizen to apply. With Konkeros, I have a clear understanding of the process and developed a better strategy to look for jobs where businesses are more willing to hire me.


Paula Villagomez

Sponsorship is a big problem for us. Having a detailed search tool for companies willing to do sponsorships is extremely useful.


Why are you giving me this book for free?

We are giving you this book for free, because you are a Stetson Student and because the author (Lou Paris) is a Stetson alumnus, who used to be an international student.

What if I don't have Kindle?

No biggie. Simply download the app from your app store. It's free!

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