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Konkeros Student

Everything you need to achieve your career goals in the US.

$295 $250

What's included?

Immigration Kickstart

Talk to an immigration attorney and learn your immigration options. Kick into gear your immigration process.

Consultation with immigration attorney

Scripts to overcome sponsorship objections

Sponsorship Optimization Report™

Boost your job search with “cheat notes” that will reveal how to get sponsored within your career and industry.

Job search roadmap

Step-by-step timeline

Wage information for your job

Projected job openings

Immigration data about your job

Related jobs that could get you sponsorship

The “Get Sponsored” Resume!

Flaunt a resume that celebrates your awesomeness and minimizes the chances of “sponsorship rejection”.

Evaluation of skills and knowledge American business want

Training and credentials for your job in the US

Recommendations for enhancing your resume*

*You implement the recommendations

Konkeros Student
PRO Package

Everything you need to achieve your career goals in the US with the help of immigration and career experts.

$1,300 $995

What's included?

Immigration Kickstart
Sponsorship Optimization Report
The "Get Sponsored" Resume

This package includes all the features of Konkeros Student


Live expert guidance

Don’t go at it alone. Rely on our team of career and immigration experts. Get answers and guidance every step of the way.

Live expert support and guidance for 1 year

Coaching to overcome sponsorship objections

Mock interview with a live expert

Full resume development

Monthly qualified business leads

Monthly qualified contact leads

Professional trade associations leads

Konkeros Student PRO
Konkeros Student

Guillermo Casique

This tool is a must have for any international student intending to work in the United States. I had strong misconceptions about the kinds of companies that hire foreigners, but thanks to Konkeros, now I have a clearer perspective where to focus my time and energy… and of course, the companies I should avoid.


Antoni Akkerman

Every time I found a job that matched my career goals, I learned I had to be a citizen to apply. With Konkeros, I have a clear understanding of the process and developed a better strategy to look for jobs where businesses are more willing to hire me.


Paula Villagomez

Sponsorship is a big problem for us. Having a detailed search tool for companies willing to do sponsorships is extremely useful.

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